Adventures in Thanks-Living

Living the gift of life one breath at a time


“Gratitude is the heart’s memory.”  –French Proverb

Adventures in Thanks-Living started as a one month experiment to experience November as a month of “thanks-living instead of simply focusing on the Thanksgiving holiday. The experiment proved habit-forming, so I decided to continue it in an effort to provide an interactive experience in cultivating a lifestyle and practice of living in thanks and gratitude.

Your contributions and thoughts are always welcome and will help shape our experience. Please consider joining me for the journey and invite your friends to do so, too. An ever-growing community of folks committed to thanks-living can’t help but make our world a better place.

Oh, who am I? My name is Sharron Blezard, and I’m a Lutheran (ELCA) pastor, spouse, mother, daughter, and friend. I’m also a free-lance writer, avid reader, and lover of the natural world. I enjoy a good film, a hearty laugh, and a great cup of coffee (or two or three). I’m married to an ELCA pastor who is also a writer and editor. Between us we have four children ranging from 13-24, and share space with two dogs, a fish, and a cat.

Note Bene: I am happy to share my writing with you to reblog or reprint with proper attribution. Make sure to provide proper links and include Copyright © 2012, Sharron Blezard. Thanks!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Marie Miller on said:

    I look forward to your next post.

  2. Really like this idea of ‘thanks-living’ – and you are so right, it’s good to do this the whole year through. What a great blog!

  3. Connie Rode on said:

    What a GREAT Blog!! I have really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. thanks living, what a fabulous way of describing it! I just made a post on being thankful 365 days of the year vs just the month of november. More people should try it for sure! have a great day!

  5. I appreciate what you are doing here. I am vegan and choose to be thankful everyday by not supporting suffering. Thank you for taking this idea public!

  6. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed — love that it brings blogs like yours onto my radar screen. I look forward to following your posts of “thanks-living” ~ Kat

  7. To stop wanting more and simply be content and grateful for what one has now is one of the most satisfying yet difficult skills to acquire.

    Thank you for starting this blog to remind us all to practice this skill everyday in a world where it is so easy to forget.

    – Ms. Alison Jane.

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